Speech Therapy Services for Seniors


As we get older, our speaking abilities change, which may be affected by personal struggle, illness, or the aging process in general. For older adults who find chewing and swallowing exhausting or find themselves in coughing fits before, during, or after swallowing, and notice the quality of their voices changed, speech therapy can help. Here at Alpha Home Care Services LLC, the family and senior’s choice of a quality provider of home care services in Fairfax, Virginia, we are here to help seniors with their speech therapy needs.

Older adults who notice issues with communication, language, and swallowing, should take action as soon as possible. Our home health care Services in Charlottesville, Virginia, offers quality speech therapy services for seniors who would love to regain or maintain their ability to communicate well with family, friends, and medical professionals. Seniors can benefit from proactive therapy, safe exercises, and education. Speech therapy is a necessary part of treatment when it comes to conditions such as brain injury, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. Some underlying conditions may also cause issues with speech. Working with our speech therapist can help address these issues while also keeping seniors focused on tasks, problem-solving, reasoning, and memory.

Speech therapy is a great tool for everyone and seniors who struggle with speech. If you want to know more about this type of care or the scope of our personal care services in Danville, Virginia, please give our lines a call.

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