Benefits of Exercise for Your Seniors Loved Ones

Benefits of Exercise for Your Seniors Loved OnesExercise is a series of movements practiced to ensure overall health and become fitter. But given the possible conditions that arise as we age, exercising can be a bit of a struggle, but it does not mean that we should just forego exercise in our daily routines. And luckily, exercising is still possible despite having mobility issues when you have trusted individuals from a provider of home health care services in Charlottesville, Virginia by your side.

Aside from it helping regulate weight and prevent weight-related conditions such as obesity and diabetes, here are some other benefits of exercise to seniors:

  • Prevents Muscle Atrophy
    Exercise strengthens muscles and increases muscle mass, which prevents them from wasting away or atrophying.
  • Strengthens Cardiovascular Health
    Exercising regularly is good for your heart and lungs. It makes such organs stronger and more resilient. Having strong cardiovascular health also reduces your risk of contracting heart diseases.
  • Improve Sleep Quality
    Exercise tires you out, which readies your body to rest at the end of the day. And considering that you use up your energy levels, you are more likely to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder at night.

For support and assistance with exercise, please feel free to contact Alpha Home Care Services LLC. We offer quality home care services in Fairfax, Virginia that includes assistance with mobility and exercise.

We also offer other services such as respite care, live-in care, and personal care services in Danville, Virginia!

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