Elderly Care: Tips for Promoting Good Personal Hygiene

benefits-of-exercise-for-your-seniors-loved-onesFor many of our elders, taking care of their daily needs can be a challenge. Factors like low energy, weakened senses, or limited mobility can make it difficult to perform daily tasks like bathing. However, keeping up with personal hygiene is vital in maintaining a healthy appearance and reducing the risk of infection.

As an agency specializing in home care services in Fairfax, Virginia, we have gathered effective tips that will help promote good hygiene in seniors.

  • Determine the underlying issues.

    Get to the root of why your elderly loved one has neglected their personal hygiene. This could be caused by mobility issues or because they are physically unable to perform their normal routine and are afraid to say something. Identifying the issues will allow you to address them and discuss potential solutions.

  • Increase safety in the bathroom.

    Poor hygiene may be caused by discomfort in using the bathroom. Items like non-slip mats and shower chairs increase safety and make it more comfortable to use the bathroom. It also helps to improve the lighting, install raised toilet seats, and make sure the water temperature is just right.

  • Consider hiring additional support.

    We offer personal care services in Danville, Virginia to provide assistance with personal hygiene among other services. This is a great option if your senior loved one is more comfortable receiving assistance from a caregiver instead. This is also a good option if your loved one lives independently.

Alpha Home Care Services LLC is your go-to provider of exceptional home health care services in Charlottesville, Virginia. To facilitate healthy aging at home, we offer personal care services which include assistance with personal hygiene, toileting, laundry, and more. Promote good personal hygiene at home – get in touch with us today.

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